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Demolition Part Of Remodel For Commercial Building
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Sneaking in between rain showers on Saturday, a demolition crew works to take down the overhang at a long time commercial building on Patterson Road. It’s just part of a renovation for the building that ultimately will be the new home of an automotive machine shop. Ric McGinnis/The News

A demolition crew was dodging raindrops in Riverbank over the weekend, tearing out an awning structure on a commercial building on Patterson Road on Saturday, Feb. 16.

They were working in between showers that day, tearing out the old structure on the front of an empty building on the north side of the road, across from Star Market, that has been used for automotive-oriented businesses most recently. Once the debris is cleared, work can begin on the new facade, according to workers on the scene.

They said the building looked like it had been built in the 1940s, and the awning was probably part of a gas station that was part of the operation. They noted that it appeared that the facility had been re-roofed about 16 times over the years.

As they worked, they paused after the outer section of the awning was down in order to remove the rubble to a waiting trailer, so they could get closer to what remained of the covering.

Workers said they’re expecting to replace the stucco front of the building with sheet metal siding, but did not have an estimate on the time it would take. Most probably, it would depend on how the weather cooperated with their plans.