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Dog Park Task Force Eyes Trail Loop Grass
dog park
Members of the Dog Park Task Force met with Riverbank Parks and Facilities Supervisor Ron Werner, in the green shirt, in Jacob Myers Park on Wednesday, May 15. They were discussing how best to turn the grassy area of Jacob Myers Park, in the trail loop on the west end of the park, into a fenced park where dogs, both large and small, can be allowed to run loose to play and exercise. Ric McGinnis/The News

Members of the Riverbank Dog Park Task Force met last week at Jacob Myers Park to discuss what it would take, and cost, to fence the grassy area on the west end loop of the walking/running trail.

Riverbank Parks and Facilities Supervisor Ron Werner, along with Parks and Recreation Director Sue Fitzpatrick, met with the group to get its ideas about the configuration of the proposed facility.

They discussed potential configurations for the proposed park, and the possibility of converting a public water fountain now there for use by the dogs who will be visiting.

Werner mentioned preliminary features and configurations for the fenced area and potential costs. Participants were asked to help designate their preferences for the dog park area by placing survey-style flags in the ground, showing how the area could be used by animals of both sizes.