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Drought Resources Available For Impacted Residents

California is experiencing a serious drought which is impacting residents across Stanislaus County. In May of this year, an Emergency Drought Declaration was passed by Governor Newsom that included several counties including Stanislaus. Residents throughout the Central Valley should be aware of resources and conservation measures to help manage one of our most precious natural resources, our water.

The County has compiled an online resource guide to provide a directory of helpful information for residents as we deal with the impacts of the drought, including regional programs for well users and available funding for disadvantaged communities to access clean drinking water.

Several local programs are available to support the water needs of residents. The site provides a way for the public to report compromised household water supply to governing agencies.

Useful information from the State of California Department of Water Resources & Water Resources Control Board, the California Partnership for the San Joaquin Valley, Self Help Enterprises, and the Valley Water Collaborative are also offered.

In addition, County resources like well construction applications, financial assistance for domestic well recovery and County regulations regarding water use can be sourced on the site.

Water Conservation remains critical as California residents work to mitigate the drought and minimize its impact.

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