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Dunk tank coming to Founders Day

City officials are advertising the opportunity residents will have to dunk members of the City Council, including Mayor Richard O’Brien, at the Annual Founders Day Carnival on Saturday, April 27.

The tank is sponsored by Aemetis, a tenant company at the Riverbank Industrial Complex.

The dunk tank will be a fundraiser for the Sister Cities Committee, and held as part of the events scheduled for the Riverbank Community Park, at 3600 Santa Fe.

In addition to Mayor O’Brien and other Council Members, Police Chief Ridenour is promised to be available for a splashing.

The dunk tank is scheduled to operate from noon to 5 p.m.

Also on that day, Love Riverbank is scheduled for the morning, to begin at the park and spread to work areas around town.

Inside the Community Center itself, the annual Health Faire is set to be held.