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Changes Possible In School Elections
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Riverbank residents will have the chance to review possible changes to the local school board election formula, with a hearing on Jan. 7 designed to outline a proposal for by-area trustee elections as opposed to at large elections.

The Stanislaus County Committee on School District Organization has scheduled a public hearing for 4:45 p.m. on Tuesday, Jan. 7 at the board room for the Riverbank Unified School District, at 6715 Seventh St.

The change would see trustees selected to represent specific areas of the community and consideration of moving to the by area system, officials said, is in response to concerns voiced by the Latino Community Roundtable regarding what they feel is a lack of representation.

Currently, trustees for the school board in Riverbank run ‘at large’ and are selected from the entire community, not from one specific area for a designated seat on the board.