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School Plans Summer Programs
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Riverbank Unified School District (RUSD) will be offering a summer program at Cardozo Middle School from June 2 through July 11 from 8 a.m. until 12:15 p.m. for students in Kindergarten through Fifth grade.

Superintendent, Daryl Camp gave a presentation of the summer program to the RUSD Board and public at the School Board Meeting on Tuesday, April 1.

The presentation began with an informational video on You Tube by Anchor and Managing Editor of NBC Nightly News Brian Williams called Summer Learning Loss that explained how the children of low income families start their school career behind the middle income children due to the lack of access to early reading and preschool education. Williams continues to demonstrate that the middle income child will move ahead between the first summer of kindergarten and first grade while the low income child will fall back two months due to lack of learning during the summer. Through the school years to come the gap will widen between the low income students and the middle income students. Williams ends the video stating, “So you see without addressing what’s happening during the summer it is impossible to ever catch up its impossible to close the gap no matter how much high quality learning goes on from Sept. to June every year the gap widens.”

The specifics of the Summer Program presentation continued with Star Test results to show the data researched for the past school years for grades second through seventh.

The program is recommended for students who need extra time and academic support to help them meet their current grade level standards by the end of the summer and develop the skills necessary to be successful and comfortable in the grades to follow.

The program will offer students with the greatest need an opportunity for extended learning time beyond the established school year, small group learning sessions, instruction from highly qualified teachers who will design and deliver common core state standards content focused lessons (assisted by certified classroom paraprofessionals), enrichment activities, early CELDT Identification/Placement, and early language Program Identification Placement.

The Summer Program will service up to 200 students recommended by site teachers and administrators based on greatest academic need (not meeting grade level standards in ELA and/or Mathematics).

RUSD is committed to implementing a Summer Program that supports student achievement, CCSS focused lessons, grade level incentive reading lists, nutritious breakfast and snacks, and supervised enrichment activities.

“We’re exciting about being able to offer this opportunity for students so they can master concepts from their current grade level and get a head start on what they will be learning next school year,” stated Camp.