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Students Inspired To Read
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Eryka Lepper, student body representative, shared her human book report on the Dr. Seuss book The Lorax with other students at recess as she walked around recently at Mesa Verde Elementary and answered any questions the students may have had. VIRGINIA STILL/The News

Putting a new twist on an old idea, members of the Student Council at Mesa Verde Elementary School came up with an activity to show their participation in the recent “Read Across America” event celebrated in Riverbank. They did a project they called the “Human Book Report” to show their connection to reading for fun and learning.

Spring rains dampened the sidewalks and the streets, however, it did not dampen the spirits of the students. The book report activity was originally scheduled to be held on the playground but due to the rain they moved it to the cafeteria during primary morning recess.

Student Council members picked a Dr. Seuss book that they wanted to read and share, illustrated a book cover, wore the cover around their neck and walked around the cafeteria sharing their book with their classmates and answering any questions that they had.

The Dr. Seuss character Thing 1 was also on hand to talk with the students and also asked the students a few Dr. Seuss-related questions.

The other item they had in the cafeteria was the Author’s Wall, which featured books that were written by the students using 50 different words or less like the famous Dr. Seuss book “Green Eggs and Ham.” The idea for the wall originated from Will Eitelgeorge, a fifth grader and Student Council representative. Any student that was interested was asked to write and illustrate a book at their home and once completed they turned them in. Each creation was laminated, bound and then put on display on the Author’s Wall for students, staff, and parents to read.

Student Council Advisor Lupe Duarte explained that the students enjoy all the activities planned during the entire month of March for the “Read Across America” celebration. She noted that one of their favorite activities is the Student Council Read Aloud where members pair up, select a book and pick a classroom they want to read to.

“They enjoy going into their previous teachers’ classrooms and reading to the younger students,” said Duarte. “On the same day we have a school-wide ‘Drop Everything and Read’ time.”

This is the first year that Mesa Verde students participated in the Human Book Report and the Author’s Wall. “Read Across America” has been celebrated for several years at the elementary school. The student council is responsible for creating new activities for the celebration, gaining administrative approval, and planning the activities.

Throughout the month of March teachers were given 20 Dr. Seuss hat stickers to hide and 20 Smencils (smelly pencils) to give as prizes. Students searched for the Dr. Seuss hat stickers in each of their classrooms all month.

At the end of March, a student from each classroom from Kindergarten to Fifth grade, with the most words read won a Dr. Seuss bag filled with prizes.

“The most important lesson all students learn is how much fun reading can be, and they become inspired to read, read, read,” expressed Duarte. “Every year celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday has become one of Mesa Verde’s favorite celebrations.”