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Egg Hunt Draws Several Hundred
The Easter Egg Hunt at Riverbank's Castleberg Park drew several hundred children Saturday to race into the baseball diamond outfield and scramble to pick up plastic eggs filled with candy.

The parents are corralled behind the fences, even for the parents of the youngest children.

Started at least 15 years ago, the annual event draws 200 to 250 children who compete in three age groups, four to six, seven to eight and nine to 10 years.

There was a different system at the Oakdale Egg Hunt held the same day. The first race there was for children from birth to two, for which parents were allowed on to the field to accompany their children.

In Riverbank, the kids scrambled to gather plastic eggs that are financed with recreation department funds. There used to be large chocolate eggs donated by local businesses and awarded as top prizes but that was dropped some years ago.

Also missing this year was the Rabbit Run just before the Egg Hunt. The number of children interested in winning that around the field race had dwindled so far it wasn't worth the organization, said Recreation Supervisor Kerrie Webb. Recreation aide Juanita Argumedo waited for volunteers to scatter the eggs over the grass, then assembled the children against the fences and started the year's races with the help of a large bullhorn. The bullhorn was a good idea, as it seemed to help with the organization of the Riverbank event.

By tradition the Easter Bunny came onto the field and afterwards sat in the gazebo and posed with children for their picture.