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Eight new canine teams welcomed by CHP
5-8 k9
In a May 3 certification ceremony, the CHP introduced eight new canine teams at the Canine Training Facility on the CHP Academy grounds in West Sacramento. Photo Contributed

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) announced the deployment of eight new canine teams during a ceremony Friday, May 3 at the Canine Training Facility on the CHP Academy grounds in West Sacramento. The certification ceremony marks the end of months of intense training and the beginning of a valuable public safety partnership for the crime fighting duos.

“These canine teams are essential resources in our public safety mission,” said CHP Commissioner Sean Duryee. “Their incomparable dedication, keen senses, and unwavering loyalty not only enhance our capabilities but also strengthen the bond between law enforcement and the communities we serve throughout California.”

The graduates consist of five Patrol and Narcotics Detection Canine teams, two Patrol and Explosives Detection Canine teams, and one Explosive Detection Canine team, all of which meet the guidelines set by the Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training. The newest team members include two Belgian Malinois, two Dutch Shepherds, and four German Shepherd dogs. The CHP now has a total of 49 canine teams deployed throughout the state.

Each canine’s partner, or handler, is an experienced CHP officer with anywhere from three to 20 years of experience. The officers represent the CHP’s geographic regions of Protective Services Division, Northern, Border, Central and Inland Division. Once deployed, the handlers will spend a minimum of eight hours every week training with their canines to ensure the highest level of peak performance by creating scenarios like what is experienced in the field.

The CHP uses its canines to perform a variety of tasks, including detecting human scent, contraband, and explosives. A canine team can improve the safety and effectiveness of officers while on duty. The CHP canines are also used to assist allied agencies in apprehending criminals, detecting explosives or drugs, and in locating “at-risk” missing persons.