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Fentanyl Awareness Described For Parents
Sheriff’s Deputy Miguel Garcia, a member of the Special Investigation Unit, helps make a presentation on fentanyl awareness in the main gym at Riverbank High School last week. RUSD parents and families had been invited to hear about the dangers of drugs in the community. - photo by Ric McGinnis

Parents and their families were invited to Riverbank High School last week to learn of the dangers of drugs, and most specifically, fentanyl, to the community.

Two officers from the Stanislaus Sheriff’s Office, R. Johnson, and Special Investigation Unit member Miguel Garcia, brought a special PowerPoint presentation, showing, and describing, the realities of illicit drug use, but ended up focusing on the fentanyl problem.

They said that fentanyl is becoming a widespread problem in the country, because it is both being added to other illegal drugs, but also being made into counterfeit, look-alike pills that appear as other, regular pills, as well as being brightly colored, looking attractive to youngsters, like candy.

The problem with the illegal drug is that just one speck of it can kill, officers said, even just touching it or breathing in its dust.