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Friends Clean Up Jacob Myers Park
Friends of Jacob Myers Park and some volunteers turned out early Saturday morning to pick up trash and clear debris from the banks of the Stanislaus River as it flows through the park.

Couples Dennis and Marilyn Zinner plus Gary and Janet Vaccaro and volunteers McKenna Nash, Alexis Burke, Ashley Mayberry and Shelby Stutzman joined park host Bob Eden in hauling items from the river banks and cutting back vegetation adjacent to the boat ramp.

Eden reported they found several discarded signs and an old boat motor that morning besides the usual bottles and cans, bags and wrapping paper. But at other times he has retrieved railroad ties, radios, a manual typewriter, antique bottles and five 55-gallon drums from the shoreline.

He wanted the vegetation just west of the boat ramp thinned out, he said, so he and other officials can keep an eye on activities in that area where vagrants and drug users tend to hide.

The Zinners appeared to have roped in some young relatives to help with the strenuous work at the last minute. Mayberry is a granddaughter of Marilyn Zinner, living in Riverbank and Stutzman a niece who came in for the work day from Manteca.

The clean up occurs at the park periodically and volunteers point to the more frequent use of the park as a major reason to keep it in top shape. Along with the covered pavilion, there is a popular looped walking trail and even some camping sites complete with fire pits available for use.