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Gas Line Replacement Begins On Claus Road
Gas line crews and equipment from PG&E started work on Oct. 5, with traffic diverted around the Claus Road site. They are replacing gas line junctions and are expected to finish by the middle of December. Ric McGinnis/The News

A week ago Monday, on Oct. 5, work began on Claus Road by PG&E crews working on gas mains at the intersection with Santa Fe Street.

The work has closed Claus, causing detours around the area. Traffic on Santa Fe going east at Claus can only go north, toward Atchison/Highway 108, and Claus is completely blocked at Sierra Street. While passenger vehicles are diverted through the residential neighborhoods, plentiful signage indicates that truck traffic is expected to use Patterson Road all the way down to First Street, where it can turn north and connect with the highway at the stoplight.

Crew Inspector Bill Wilson explained that several holes in the road are open now, pretty much in the center of Claus. And, he said, the work will continue into the middle of December in the area, eventually shifting south to the vicinity of Riverbank High School.

Presumably, detours will be instated to facilitate the road work they have to do.