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Gas Line Work Continues On Claus Road
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A PG&E contractor crew was back at work on Claus Road near the Riverbank Industrial Complex last week. Traffic was whittled down to a single lane around the site, with flag men at each end of the construction zone. Ric McGinnis/The News

Motorists traveling on Claus Road in Riverbank lately have noticed the return of construction work in several areas there.

A new contractor, working on PG&E gas lines, is upgrading the installation, forcing the need for flag men and traffic squeezed down to a single lane in the construction area during the work day.

The crew foreman noted that similar work was done on the road last year, but by a different company. He said they got slowed down and didn’t finish their work before the gas line had to be returned to service for the canning season.

He noted that they are currently expecting to be working in the area at least until the middle of June. Similar work on Claus is happening to the north, closing it to traffic between Sierra and Santa Fe streets. Truck detours are in place with signs posted on Patterson Road and Atchison Street.