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Girl Donates Hair To Locks Of Love
Eleven-year-old Natalie Sofia Solis has cut off her beautiful long, brown hair to give to someone who has lost their locks to chemotherapy or disease.

Once the owner of tresses that tumbled far below her waist, the Rio Altura student now wears her hair shoulder length.

Solis recently donated 15 inches of her hair to a non-profit group called Locks of Love, a group that gathers hair for people who have lost their hair to the disease alopecia areata or who are undergoing chemotherapy, which causes temporary baldness.

"I have two aunts that are breast cancer survivors," Solis wrote in a letter to the Rio Altura After School Program that she attends after regular classes. "After looking at them with their illness, it made me realize that I am able to help people with cancer by donating my hair to Locks of Love."

So just after Christmas, she decided to cut her hair and made arrangements with her cousin to call a friend who works as a professional beautician in San Francisco.

"She asked me how much I wanted to cut. So I said 15 inches.