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Going Green City Targets Industries For Ammo Plant
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Riverbank will "go green" in its proposed reuse plan for the former Army Ammunition Plant.

While continuing the existing industrial character of the site at Claus and Claribel roads, Riverbank City Council members want to focus on drawing environmentally friendly firms such as recycling companies, alternative fuel manufacturers, solar energy firms and fabricators of "green building materials."

Sitting as the Local Redevelopment Authority on Monday, they proposed allocating only certain areas for eco industries, however, and will fall back on conventional industries if they fail to draw the green type.

"This is a golden opportunity for the community," said Councilmember Virginia Madueno. "We have evolved far beyond a small market town. We should be eclectic, focus on green industries and set the pace for other towns to follow besides contributing to the wellbeing of our planet."

"I personally favor the green," said Mayor Chris Crifasi, "especially when I see our neighbor Oakdale about to inundate the south part of that city with industrial development. We should differentiate this city from others."

Council members also agreed with recommendations by community members the site have a green planted buffer zone about 150 feet wide running almost entirely around it and have two small areas for commercial use such as a restaurant or coffee shop.