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Sparse Turnout Seen At Election Day Polls
8815 Polling Place- 640x376
After being open more than nine hours on election day, this Riverbank voting precinct recorded only 12 votes cast. With the election in Riverbank limited to residents of the Sylvan School District, and voting only for Modesto City School Board members, turnout was meager at best. RIC MCGINNIS/THE NEWS


In what is termed an “odd year” election, only some Riverbank voters got to cast ballots last week, with voting only in the Sylvan School District part of town. And those ballots were to elect members of the Modesto City Schools Board.

And the district-wide turnout for that election showed sparse results. For all elections county-wide, only slightly more than 21 percent of the eligible voters cast ballots. And that included vote by mail ballots, so attendance at polls was thin.

One of the Sylvan District/Modesto City Schools Board precincts in Riverbank showed only 12 voters had cast their ballots by 6 p.m. In the remaining two hours the polls would be open, it’s not likely that tally would have changed much.

In a few cities, like Modesto and Ceres, mayors and council seats were up for election. In most other areas of the county, however, school boards, special districts or ballot measures were to be decided.