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Graffiti Week Visits Riverbank
As far as the eye could see, participants and onlookers came to the parking lot of Cool Hand Luke’s and the Galaxy Theatres to help celebrate Riverbank’s little part of Graffiti Week on Thursday, June 6. Most of the celebration is taking place, for the 21st year, in Modesto, home of George Lucas and his ‘American Graffiti’ youth. Ric McGinnis/The News
What was under the hood was as interesting as the shiny exteriors of the classic cars and hot rods that gathered at the Galaxy Theatre parking lot on Thursday afternoon, June 6. The ‘Graffiti Week’ events around the region share in the celebration of the George Lucas film ‘American Graffiti,’ based on his life growing up in Modesto. Ric McGinnis/The News

The spectacle that is a celebration of a classic American film rolled into town this past week, stretching across the parking lot and grounds that surround the Galaxy Theatres complex and the adjacent Cool Hand Luke’s restaurant.

Graffiti Week does, in fact, stretch over seven days, and last Thursday evening, June 6, it expanded into Riverbank, where row upon row of classic, hot rod, experimental and other classes of collectable vehicles were on public display.

Classic cars and rock ‘n roll are celebrated each June in our area, this time for the 21st year, with car shows, concerts and parades all part of the entertainment. They’re mostly based in Modesto, the literal home of the movie ‘American Graffiti’ by George Lucas.

Riverbank’s little bit of the celebration came to the parking lots of Cool Hand Luke’s and Galaxy Theatres along Patterson Road, bringing plenty of classic car enthusiasts to the community. As far as the eye could see, those hot rods filled up the parking spaces, some finished and sparkling and shiny, some in various stages of restoration, but all with owners proud to display them. And hundreds, if not thousands, of people got to visit them here in town without having to venture to Mo-Town.

All just a small part of the days known as Graffiti Week. Though based in childhood memories of growing up in Modesto, the little bit that got shared here was appreciated by the crowd that came to look, as well as the crowd that came to be seen.