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Helping Shelter Animals Live A Happier Life
Beckett Johansen, 8, of Riverbank thought of a way to raise funds for the Oakdale Animal Shelter to make life happier for the pets and to help them find forever homes, making money with a lemonade stand and then donating it to the shelter. Photo Contributed

What sounds good on a hot summer day? How about ice cold lemonade? These were some of the thoughts that Beckett Johansen had while he was trying to come up with a way to raise funds for the Oakdale Animal Shelter to help the pets which could possibly lead to a forever home. That is just what he did. At just eight years old, Johansen already has traits for a life in philanthropy, making a generous donation to the Oakdale Animal Shelter last week for $200.

With a little help, he was able to get a lemonade stand set up and offered the public lemonade or water for a $1 donation on a warm and sunny Saturday. His inspiration was his two fur babies, Lola and Nala, that have a happy life after being rescued by Beckett’s family. The youngster from Riverbank had success with his lemonade stand that he set up for one day.

In a letter to the Oakdale Shelter, Beckett wrote, “over the summer I was thinking about what I could do to help another animal be happy until they could find a family of their own. Then I thought who would like lemonade on a hot summer day? So with help, I made a lemonade stand so I could sell lemonade and waters … Well, it did not take long to see that our friends thought like I did and with their help I am happy to give the animals at our local shelter $200 to help them feel better. Thank you very much for loving the animals and giving them food, shelter and things that make life happier for them.”

The youngster signed the letter ‘Your forever friend.’

For the benevolent donation, young Beckett received a certificate from the Oakdale Shelter Pet Alliance and became an OSPA Bronze Paw sponsor. He took some time while at the shelter to visit with some of the pets his donation will help.

“Last week OSPA received a very special donation,” stated OSPA Vice President, Debi Scoles. “As he was leaving the shelter, Beckett told me next year he wants to raise $500.”