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Hernandez Sworn In As Newest Council Member
rh swear in
Officially sworn in to office after winning the Riverbank District 2 council seat in the November election, Rachel Hernandez is looking forward to serving a four-year term. Photo Contributed

The election results for the Riverbank City Council are now official and newly elected Rachel Hernandez with District 2 will be serving Riverbank for a four-year term. The Oath of Office was administered at the recent regularly scheduled City Council meeting for Mayor Richard O’Brien, Councilmember District 4 Darlene Barber-Martinez, and newly appointed Hernandez.

“Swearing in made the success of the campaign feel more real,” expressed Hernandez. “During the campaign all I was thinking about was how to connect to more people to gain trust and build relationships, it wasn’t to ‘win’ an election or a title so the excitement has been ongoing each step of the way.”

With a multitude of reasons to run for office, Hernandez said that it was important to be involved in the community through her career, education and socially.

She said, “Overall, I feel Riverbank is in an important time as we continue to grow, I felt I can bring a proactive and forward thinking perspective to the council at the same time, bring as many people to the table in that growth.”

Growing up in the area and now being a Riverbank resident, one of the first tasks on her list is launching Love Riverbank once again. For those that want to be involved, volunteer, or help plan the next event email

“I have focused on serving Stanislaus County for over a decade in meaningful and purposeful ways,” stated Hernandez. “It is always a collaborative effort and I would love to connect to the residents to continue to do the work in this capacity. I am only a phone call, email, or text away.”

The City Council recognized Cindy Fosi at the meeting as well for serving Riverbank for the past four years. Fosi and Hernandez were the two candidates seeking the one available post in District 2.

“I appreciate her service to Riverbank and the community,” remarked Hernandez. “I would love to work together and do not feel she is being replaced, rather serving in a different capacity.”

Being voted in by the people of District 2 has been encouraging for Hernandez and through the campaign she learned to be transparent and build relationships.

During the pandemic there are many challenges for all and she has hope for everyone.

“The most pressing issue right now is the pandemic,” added Hernandez. “It was new to all of us and has been impacting us all differently, but we are learning more and figuring out how we can support each other, and that is the most important part in how we will rehabilitate past this. Please choose to wear your masks, social distance, and keep supporting local.”