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Homeless Encampment Fire, River Rescues Logged By Firefighters
homeless camp pix
Crews responded to and contained a fire at a reported homeless camp in Riverbank this past week. Modesto Fire Department Photo

Modesto Fire Department Battalion Chiefs have compiled a listing of calls for service during the week. Following are selected incidents that occurred in the Oakdale and Riverbank areas.



8:59 a.m.: Stanislaus Engine 26, Engine/Brush 27 and BC 5 responded to a vegetation fire at Riverside and Fourth Street in the City of Riverbank. The fire was located near a large homeless encampment and contained to an eighth of an acre.

5:51 p.m.: Water Rescue 28, Engine 27, Stanislaus Water Rescue 26 and BC 5 responded to a reported water rescue near Oakdale Recreation on the Stanislaus River. Boat 28 located two subjects out of the water refusing further assistance.



6:16 p.m.: Water Rescue 28, Engine 27, Stanislaus Water Rescue 26 and Chief 3 responded to a reported water rescue on the Stanislaus River near Honolulu Bar. Boat 28 removed two individuals from the water.



12:07 p.m.: Modesto Engine 27 and Battalion 5 responded with Stanislaus Engine 26 for reports of a vegetation fire on Mesa and Eleanor in Riverbank. Crews extinguished a small fire in a landscaped area. Fire cause was accidental from discarded smoking materials.

1:04 p.m.: Modesto Brush 28, Brush 27, Water Tender 27, Battalion 5, Stanislaus Brush 24, Water Tender 24, Engine 21 and Water Tender 21 responded to reports of a vegetation fire on Alvarado Road and Stoddard Road in Oakdale. A small roadside grass fire was contained by Modesto crews and the balance of the response was released. Fire cause was accidental. A county tractor conducting roadside mowing sparked the fire.

3:10 p.m.: Modesto Fire Department and Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District responded to the report of a potential structure fire on McGuire Court. The initial calls reported black smoke coming from the back of a residence. Crews arrived on scene to find a fence fire that was being extinguished by residents. The cause of the fire is under investigation.

6:59 p.m.: Stanislaus Water Rescue 26, Modesto Water Rescue 28, Engine 27, Battalion 5, Oak Valley Ambulance and Stanislaus Sheriff Riverbank responded to a water rescue on the Stanislaus River near Adams Gravel Plant Road. Battalion 5 requested an additional boat and Modesto Water Rescue 1 responded. Two adult females were rescued along the South bank of the river. They were caught up deep in the tree-line at the water’s edge and were unable to get out. Water Rescue 28 had to make multiple attempts but they were able to free them and the kayak and return them safely to Jacob Myers Park. They were not injured and required no medical assistance.



1:02 p.m.: Engine 28, Engine 27, Stanislaus Quint 22 and BC 5 responded to a potential structure fire in the 1600 block of Crow Creek Drive in the City of Oakdale. Engine 28 arrived to find nothing showing and began to investigate. Crews found a fire (extinguished) in the sub-floor of the residence. Engine 28 remained on scene and canceled the balance.

4:50 p.m.: Water Rescue 28, Engine 27, Stanislaus Water Rescue 26 and BC 5 were dispatched to a report of subjects requesting assistance on the Stanislaus River. Water Rescue 28 and Engine 27 located three individuals (non-injury) on the river bank and Water Rescue 28 transported the individuals back to Orange Blossom Recreation Area.