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Hot Meals, Timely Safety Tips For Community Seniors
Guests at the Friday Senior Brunch on Nov. 19 were treated to a pre-Thanksgiving meal with all the fixings and a special guest speaker providing holiday safety tips. Photo Contributed

The guests at the Senior Brunch put on in Riverbank this past Friday enjoyed a pre-Thanksgiving meal with all the fixings provided by Central Valley Community Resources (CVCR). Guests were treated to a special guest speaker, Riverbank Police Services Chief Ed Ridenour, who shared some holiday safety tips as well.

Those in attendance at the community center delighted in the Thanksgiving luncheon including the traditional turkey dinner as well as apple and pumpkin pie for dessert.

The senior brunch is held every Friday from 10 a.m. to noon with the exception of this coming Friday, Nov. 26 as it is a holiday weekend. The brunch was canceled for several months due to COVID-19 but resumed on the first Friday of this past September. The Riverbank High School Culinary Arts Department has assisted in the meals for the senior brunch in years past; however, since COVID they have not taken part this year. CVCR makes all the meals for the guests.

The brunch will continue on Friday, Dec. 3 and on Dec. 17 the Christmas luncheon will have live music, Christmas Carols and food.

CVCR fundraises at various events to fund the luncheon that they have been doing since 2014.

Normally the guests would play Bingo but with the special guest Ridenour, they received some informative tips for the holiday season.

“I was fortunate enough to speak with the group about how to avoid being scammed and provided some holiday safety tips,” said Ridenour. “As the weather gets colder and we move into holiday shopping unfortunately thieves take advantage of us.”

He recommended that if people order packages to have them shipped to a location that has a person to collect them, your place of business, or left in a secure drop location.

“Keep an eye out in your neighborhood and be aware of your surroundings while shopping,” added Ridenour. “If you see a suspicious person or vehicle don’t be afraid to call the RPS non-emergency number at 209-552-2468. Be a good witness and provide a description of the person(s), vehicle, and even better yet a license plate.”

During the holiday season people may shop at multiple stores during one trip and leave the packages inside the vehicle while they go into another store which Ridenour shared to be mindful of where you put them and to not put bags, boxes and purses where they are visible, even if they are empty.

He said, “Thieves often drive through parking lots looking for this very scenario only to break in your car and take your packages or valuables.”

Do not leave your vehicle running unattended as the Chief noted that it is nice to get into a warm vehicle but there is an increase in automobile thefts during the cold months and it only takes a second for a thief to drive away in your car.

RPS will provide extra patrols this holiday season including by horseback in the Crossroads Shopping Center and throughout the neighborhoods to keep the community and their packages safe.

Ridenour remarked, “If you see us, please stop by and say hello; we always love speaking with the community.”