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Injured Man Found Near High School Campus
Injury emergency pix.jpg
Emergency responders park on Patterson Road next to the bus circle on the Riverbank High School campus on Friday. A driver noticed a man collapsed on the sidewalk and reported it to authorities. Photo Contributed

A serious incident near Riverbank High School ended up not having an impact on campus activity on Friday, Nov. 9 although it did involve an injury to one person.

The commotion along Patterson Road, immediately adjacent to the school’s bus circle, aroused the attention of the school’s Campus Supervisor around 9:50 a.m. Friday.

The supervisor declined to release his name because of his position on campus.

By the time he arrived at the scene, the supervisor said, emergency personnel were tending to an injured man lying on the sidewalk on Patterson Road. He said there appeared to be a lot of blood at the scene.

A Riverbank Police Sergeant later reported that officers had received a report that morning of a possible break-in at a vacant home in the 6000 block of Claus Road, which is north of the railroad tracks near the high school.

Sgt. Leary of RPS said they found a broken window with blood at that location, and a trail leading in the direction of the RHS campus. They presumed that the victim had cut himself on the broken glass and panicked, ending up passing out on the sidewalk.

The sergeant reported that, by press deadline, the injured man had undergone surgery at a hospital and was in stable condition.

The campus supervisor added that the incident occurred while students were in class, and the incident didn’t disrupt the campus, since a lockdown was not necessary. Officers did not have an identification of the man, either.