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Interim Superintendent School Selection Method Criticized
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Riverbank Schools Superintendent Joe Galindo, who will retire at the end of June, criticized board chairman Ron Peterson at the March 18 meeting for the method in which the board came to choose Riverbank High Principal Ken Geisick as the interim superintendent, adding he was only doing his job in ensuring the board continues to operate in a proper and legal manner.

Meeting in a closed door session on March 11 without Galindo, trustees interviewed Assistant Superintendent for Business Services Ron Costa and Geisick and then returned to open session to announce they had voted 3-2 to give the job to Geisick.

Galindo said his criticism was directed not at the board's action that night but at Peterson's behavior three weeks before that in talking to Geisick about the position, outside the boardroom and between just the two of them, and the board not knowing about this conversation.

There appeared to be some disagreement on whether Peterson actually offered the job to Geisick at that time or just said it was available and asked if Geisick was interested.

This "is not the way for a school board to do business," said Galindo, adding that even if it is legal, it sounds to the public like a board which is breaking the rules and making up its mind ahead of time and outside the boardroom.

Up to March 19, Geisick had still not formally informed district Personnel Officer Barbara Cortese he would accept the post, said Galindo. There also was no signed contract between Geisick and the district,