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Karate Camp Draws Youngsters
Youngsters of six years old and up turned out to learn karate in a Riverbank Recreation Department camp held at the local Black Belt Academy this past week.

"Come and learn self defense, how to deal with bullies and strangers. Build self-esteem and build confidence while learning traditional Tae Kwon Do (the way of the foot)," read the information circulated regarding the class.

The instructional course offered a sample of all the basics in martial arts from unarmed self defense to fighting with staves and swords, said academy owner Scott Pettit.

His regular teachers Jose Gutierrez, Nikki Tlascala, Denise Clayton and Theresa Hamilton led the classes in eight hours of instruction spread over four mornings.

The students included Madeleine Takaki, Savanna Alves, Andrew Jordan, Emily Takaki, Kameron Waddell, Andrew Magana, Tara Nehring, Karayn Sharar, Matthew Rogers and Haley Takaki.