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Lawsuit Threatened In Fatal Crash
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An attorney representing the interests of six people killed in a train-car accident at Claribel Road and Terminal Avenue a year ago said he will bring legal action against Stanislaus County if only to prevent another such accident.

Lawyer Joe Carcione Jr. of a Redwood City personal injury law firm was due to appear before the Stanislaus County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday night (Sept. 15).

Carcione claims the road and railway crossing south of Riverbank is one of the most dangerous in the state and that the Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railway and the California Public Utilities Commission warned the county about this three years ago.

The PUC advised the county it could solve most of the problem by moving the stop sign on the east side of the tracks another 30 feet further east, the attorney said, but the county argued it did not have the funds to reconstruct the intersection.

Carcione said he was especially concerned about the possibility of a 30 foot-long school bus being trapped on the tracks by other traffic stopped for the road signs.