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Learn How Bees Can Perk Up Your Garden
bees pic

Gardens grow faster, stronger and have higher yields when you attract pollinators to your garden. Everyone is invited to learn more about bees and other pollinators at the Escalon Farmington Community Garden Club’s upcoming meeting on Thursday, Feb. 6 at the Escalon Library, 1540 Second St., Escalon starting at 1 p.m.

UC Master Gardener Jeff Ramsey will share with attendees what to plant, how to plant, and what to add to your garden to lure these hard-working insects to a pollinator party on your property. Diverse plantings that support a wide variety of pollinators – from bees to bats, and moths to hummingbirds – will reward you and your family with wonderful results. The amount of $503 is what the average household spends on a garden, but bees are free. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn more about supporting these ‘BeeFFs’.

Everyone with an interest in gardening and learning, or just enjoying snacks while socializing with friendly locals, is invited to attend the Garden Club meeting and bring a friend.