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Letters To The Editor 8-1-18
letters to the editor

Fight The Water Grab


Dear Editor,

After eight long years, we are seeing businesses hire workers and the overall economy boost to a level not seen in quite some time. However, the state water grab has the potential to erase the progress this Valley has made and will threaten our very existence. With the economic impacts predicted to be almost a billion dollars and the loss of possibly 5,000 jobs it is imperative to do everything we can to protect our water. While his opponent plays politics with this dire issue, Congressman Jeff Denham is a farmer and understands how damaging these figures will actually be. He’s stepped up to the plate and two of his amendments that will protect our water have passed the House. The numbers make it clear. We need Denham in Congress now more than ever.

Kevin Fox



Zinke No Friend


Dear Editor,

Sec. Zinke (U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke) visited two reservoirs in our Valley, at the request of Rep. Denham on July 20. I guess he needed another photo op. Sen. Zinke is the same secretary that hired a company to fix the Puerto Rico energy grid after the last hurricane, from his own hometown. We all know how that didn’t get fixed. Zinke is sort of like the canary the miners used to take underground with them. If the canary died, the air was bad and they left. In Zinke’s case, if he shows an interest in your area, keep a sharp eye on your air and water quality that keeps us living and healthy. He is notably bad for people, but great for big money.

This is just one more reason to vote Denham out. Instead of an expert on water, he brings in a know nothing person with a title who seems to have no values except money.

This November election, please vote for a person who will do right by you and me. Vote for Josh Harder. Enough is enough.

Diane Kroeze