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Lineberger Creates Project To Promote Vaccinations
Message Of Hope
Merchandise such as these wristbands, in addition to T-shirts, hats, buttons and more can now be purchased through an official ‘COVID vaccination’ website, put together by former Riverbank City Council member Curtis Lineberger.

There is a new project conceived by area resident Curtis Lineberger called ‘Been CoVaxed Awareness Project’ to promote recognition and acceptance of the COVID-19 vaccines. For the past few months Lineberger has acquired a trademark, built a website, obtained the necessary licenses, and found suppliers to set his plan in motion.

“My messaging does not say ‘Go get Vaxed’,” stated Lineberger. “The project is not intended to push anyone. It is a passive way to allow the undecided non vaccinated people to have a positive interaction with someone who has been vaccinated, which in turn may allow the undecided to make a personal decision to join the BeenCoVaxed team. I believe that this incremental ‘one person at a time’ approach towards getting more people vaccinated will result in a faster return to normalcy for our country.”

The mission as stated on the website, also raises funds for nurses. There are items on the website for those that have been vaccinated to purchase like masks, wristbands, T-shirts, hats, buttons, and stickers that Lineberger hopes will encourage “faster social adoption and approval of vaccinations.” He noted that 10 percent of the proceeds will go to the American Nurses Foundation.

Nurse Practitioner Nancy Cisneros supports the project and expresses that support on the website. She works at a medical office where she treats the underprivileged population that she expressed she loves.

“He explained the product to me and I immediately wanted a piece of it,” stated Cisneros. “I have to be involved in this project because this is a big drive for me. I am very passionate about it. I see the evolution of vaccines. So that people if anyone had any questions so I could help ease their fears and they would be more receptive to the vaccine.”

The idea was conceived, Lineberger explained, after he prayed asking what he could do to help bring an end to the pandemic. Then in a dream he was shown the logo and was advised to work on the “middle ground” of people that are waiting to be vaccinated.

“This project is important to me because it was given to me by my Jewish rabbi carpenter boss in answer to my request to Him about how I could help,” expressed Lineberger. “Any ‘vax undecided’ person who interacts with a BeenCoVaxed message wearer and decides to get vaccinated as a result and possibly then doesn’t transmit COVID to their grandparents or family is a win for the project.”

Some of the challenges he shared regarding getting the project off the ground was the bureaucracy of government licenses, fees, and approvals to start a business.

A few highlights creating the project, Lineberger explained, have been working with people and seeing their excitement after they grasp the social goals and the possible impact the project could have.

“For those that might have some trepidation I like to ease their fears. I have always expressed the fact that if you look in the media and do the research and look who has been receiving the first rounds of these vaccines you will see it is all the frontline healthcare workers,” added Cisneros. “From physicians all the way through the line of nursing, physical therapy, respiratory therapy and why would our government want to inoculate the strong front care health workers with something that could be potentially dangerous, they wouldn’t do that.”

Lineberger is now an Oakdale resident and was a former Riverbank City Councilman. Since his high school years he has competed in water polo as a goalie and later in World Championships and Master’s National Championships. He has also been an assistant coach at Downey High School and spent some time as a referee.

In an ethics statement on the website it indicates, “The Been CoVaxed Awareness Project is committed to the highest ethical standards in all aspects of its presentation. We ask that someone wear the Been CoVaxed message only if they have received at least one vaccination shot. It is solely up to an individual’s ethical standards to abide by this request.”

“I say get vaccinated and wear a wristband or something,” remarked Cisneros. “Buy a button or wear whatever makes you feel comfortable because the more we can show each other that we are vaccinated without wearing our laminated vaccine cards around our neck then I think it is a good start.”

For more information or to purchase Been CoVaxed items visit

Curtis Lineberger