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Little League Due To Open Season
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Little Leaguers will open their season with their customary parade from the Community Center in the downtown area to Castleberg Park on Saturday, March 27. They will start the parade at 9 a.m. and opening ceremonies are at 10 a. m., followed by the first games.

Riverbank Youth Baseball and Softball Association president Chris Hurst reported the RYBSA has more than 400 children signed up for the coming Little League season that involves games on most evenings of the week plus weekends.

Little League organizers have agreed to contribute to the cost of maintaining and cleaning up the baseball diamonds at Castleberg Park following tournaments, Recreation and Parks Director Sue Fitzpatrick recently told Riverbank City Council members.

In approving a new fee program for parks and recreational facilities, the Riverbank City Council set a $100 per day fee for baseball tournaments held there because of the extensive cleanup required after these events.

There was previously no fee for Castleberg Park baseball tournaments that are held by the Riverbank Youth Baseball and Softball Association. But such tournaments require much maintenance not done by the RYBSA.

Little Leagers have played baseball free for years at the public park besides at their own field on California Avenue and a decade ago protested vehemently against the idea of paying special fees for playing at a public park.

But this time Hurst and Vice President Darren Martin told the council they had discussed the problem with Fitzpatrick and agreed the organization should contribute financially to cleaning up the baseball diamonds after tournaments.

At a recent council meeting, the city also voted to double the fee for group use of the gazebo at Jacob Myers Park after Fitzpatrick said the gazebo is often used for large events that require additional park aide services and costs to the city in garbage removal and supplies.

The current fees of $100 for non-residents and $50 for residents will only be doubled if more than 50 people are involved.