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Local Memorial Service Scheduled For Monday
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Once again, the City has planned an event recognizing and honoring heroes from Riverbank.

Officials have planned a ‘Salute to Our Veterans’ for Memorial Day, Monday, May 27. It will be held at the Memorial Wall, just in front of the Riverbank Community Center, starting at 11 a.m.

The center is at 3600 Santa Fe St., directly across from Cardozo Elementary School, and next to the Teen Center.

In the past, the event has featured speakers, including Mayor Richard D. O’Brien, a veteran himself, along with local clergymen and women. Sometimes, military musicians have been able to perform, often with a bagpipe or Taps played at the end of the ceremony.

Police and fire crews often participate if they are available.

The venue is conveniently laid out for what often is a warm, sunny day. While the wall itself is out in the open, with a major flag pole in front, the city usually provides seating under the massive trees to the east of the front doors, with ample shade to keep the audience cool.

Also in the past, the city has provided refreshments after the ceremony.

Officials note the event is free and open to the public.