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Additional Parking At Jacob Myers
Work on final grading is completed last Wednesday at Jacob Myers Park. The new parking area in the upper park got graveled, graded and rolled and should make parking easier on weekends and for special events at the facility. Photo Courtesy City Of Riverbank


Recent work by the Riverbank Recreation and Parks Department expanded the parking capacity for busy weekends and special events in Jacob Myers Park.

The construction has added 75 to 100 parking spots, according to department spokesman Tim Dowdy, depending on how it is configured.

On Tuesday of this past week, efforts were ongoing to improve draining for the area, with a backhoe utilized for that portion of the project. On Wednesday, crushed rock was brought in, spread out with a grader, then rolled to provide the parking surface.

The busy weekends of years past have seen parking at Jacob Myers Park impacted early in the day, forcing the city to invoke a five-dollar parking fee on those days, and close the gates to cars when full. Now, the capacity will nearly be doubled.

The work was funded partially by past parking fees, maintenance budget money, and a $5,000 donation by the Friends of Jacob Myers Park organization.

The completion of the parking comes just as the busy summer season comes to a close, but will be available to use for larger events, such as weddings held at the year-old Gazebo near the walking trail.

It will also be useful when a proposed amphitheater is built, sometime in the future, and for the height of the summer season next year.