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Ag Science Honors Due For MJC
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Modesto Junior College’s Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Division will be inducted into the National Ag Science Center’s Ag Hall of Fame during their Induction Ceremony and Gala on Friday, Nov. 3, 2017.

“As we celebrate our 20th Annual Ag Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony and Gala, it is fitting for the inductee to be an educational institution. The MJC Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Department has one of the finest agriculture programs in the nation. We are thrilled it will take its place alongside the other notable companies and individuals who have impacted the community in the Ag Hall of Fame,” said Emily Lawrence, NASC Director.

The annual induction ceremony provides an opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of individuals, families and companies who have contributed to Stanislaus County’s role as one of the nation’s leading agricultural counties. The MJC Agriculture Department is being honored for its longstanding educational impact, assuring the continued development of agriculture in the community, and inspiring future farmers, business people and leading innovators in the industry.

MJC President Jill Stearns stated, “Induction into the Ag Hall of Fame is an honor and wonderful recognition of the Modesto Junior College Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Department. MJC is proud to partner with the National Ag Science Center in providing agriculture education to our community.”

For nearly 100 years, the MJC Agriculture Department has prepared students for future careers. Whether it is education and training to enter the workforce or to strive for higher educational pursuits, the MJC staff provides “hands-on” skills and a strong educational foundation for student success. Many of the faculty members have been recognized for their contributions to agricultural education with the “Teacher of Excellence” award, the highest honor bestowed by the California Agriculture Teachers Association. CATA has also awarded MJC Agriculture with “Outstanding Post-Secondary Program” during the Annual Conference held June 25 through 29 in San Luis Obispo.

MJC Agriculture enjoys an outstanding reputation for its exemplary programs and leadership opportunities for students, and offers one of the most comprehensive community college agriculture programs in the nation, including 14 associate of science degrees and 14 certificates. Commitment to excellence is evident in the instructional program, which utilizes modern technology and practical hands-on approaches to student learning.

Industry collaboration is a hallmark of the MJC Agriculture Department. Located in the heart of California’s Central Valley, industry field trips enable students and staff to experience the latest developments and technological advances in food and fiber production, on many occasions within 30 minutes of the campus.

Student leadership is also a highlight of the program, with well over 150 members in the MJC Young Farmers Club. A Charter Affiliate of the California Agriculture Leaders, club members can take advantage of many opportunities to hone their leadership skills. Students have additional opportunities for leadership training by participating in the Ag Ambassadors. There are also program area clubs such as the Animal Science Club, Dairy Club, Quarter Scale Tractor Club, Environmental Horticulture Club and the Poultry Club.

It is the vision of the MJC Agriculture Department to continue to provide an outstanding education for the next generation of agriculturalists who continue to serve the food and fiber needs of California, the United States, and the world.

Chris Lehikainen, NASC Board President commented, “We were very impressed by the swell of support and efforts of the Advisory Board of the Modesto Junior College Agriculture Department to bring this nomination forward. We hope the community will join us in congratulating and celebrating this wonderful institution.”

Visit to sign-up for emails regarding the Induction Ceremony and Gala event. For more information on MJC’s agricultural programs visit or call (209) 575-6200.