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Area Seniors Reminded Of Health, Safety Issues
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Senior residents of the Riverbank area participated in a special program Friday at the Community Center. Speakers and representatives of governmental, civic and commercial agencies that serve seniors in the area were available to discuss safety, money management and handling medicines with those who participated.News Photos By Ric McGinnis

Senior citizens from Riverbank and the surrounding area gathered at the Community Center this past Friday morning, Oct. 28, for a seminar that promised to help them improve their health and well-being in many ways.

The program was hosted by the Stanislaus Elder Abuse Prevention Alliance. SEAPA, and sponsored by the local WestAmerica Bank branch, with support from members of the Royal Neighbors of Riverbank.

Speakers included Stephanie Dimberg, Branch Manager of WestAmerica, who spoke of ways to keep their finances safe by paying attention to their banking practices.

Also presenting were representatives of the Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District and a deputy from Chief Erin Kiely’s Riverbank Police Services Unit.

He spoke of different ways to handle ‘spam’ telephone calls and e-mails, so that seniors might protect themselves from being scammed.

The final speaker for the program was Jim Blomquist, manager of the pharmacy at O’Brien’s Market in Riverbank.

His message was about handling one’s medications to make it more difficult to accidentally take more than prescribed. He also pointed out methods of disposing of surplus drugs that are no longer needed, including turning them in at the lobby of the local Police Services office.

After the presentations, the attendees had the opportunity to mingle among the displays presented by participating governmental agencies and commercial entities who participated.

The morning concluded with a luncheon, served by volunteers, and open to all attendees of the SEAPA program.