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At The Gallo: Open Your Minds To The Clairvoyants
The Clairvoyants -pix
The Clairvoyants will perform at the Gallo Center for the Arts on Thursday, March 30 at 7:30 p.m., bringing their special gifts to the stage to delight fans of all ages. Photo Contributed

Is it magic or a gift? Does it give you an eerie feeling or do mentalists blow your mind? These questions may be answered after seeing the talents of Thommy Ten and Amelie Van Tass, known as the Clairvoyants, live at the Gallo Center for the Arts on Thursday, March 30 at 7:30 p.m.

With a background in performing on stage whether it was music, magic or dancing the duo met six years ago and found that they had a special connection and are currently on tour bringing their gifts to audiences all over the world.

Ten and Van Tass were born and raised in Austria and speak English, German, French and even a little Spanish. This has helped them as they toured Mexico, Germany, Europe, Austria, Asia, Australia, and now America. For the first time they will be performing in the Central Valley and have expressed how excited they are to do so.

“Probably the most craziest year was last year; we started in the Opera House in Sydney, it is a beautiful theater a beautiful stage,” said Ten. “We made the world tour in Europe, Asia, and Mexico and the audience is different all over the world.

“We like the challenge in every new country and every new city.”

The Clairvoyants were finalists on America’s Got Talent (AGT) where they wowed the audience and the judges with their act. At the end of the show America voted the duo into second place.

“I mean AGT really was a roller coaster, it’s almost half a year and you have to create a new act and best case every act is better than the last one,” stated Ten. “I think America’s Got Talent is a really great show. It is such a great variety of good acts and good performers and we are very honored that America voted us second place.

“It was a great year, a lot of fun and a great experience.”

The Clairvoyants will bring their best performances from AGT, some of their act from the tour and some new ideas that they just created to the Gallo. The show will be filled with surprises and a lot of audience interaction which is one of the parts of the act that they both truly enjoy.

“I love the cool parts where the magic is not happening on stage, it is more happening in the hands of the audience members,” explained Ten. “There is every night a different audience; there are different objects so every night the show is different.”

Ten explained that the show will be filled with visual illusions and the audience will get to be part of it using their hands and minds. Involving the entire audience right at the beginning of the show, fans and guests will be entertained without hesitation.

Along with their tour, winning second place on AGT, and being awarded the German Champions of Mentalism, “Magicians of the Year,” 2015, they were also chosen as the “World Champions of Mentalism, 2015”, a prize that Ten explained had not been awarded in 30 years, the future for the Clairvoyants is bright.

“We are now coming to America and that is really our dream, to play the show all over America, to have fun and meet our friends and meet our fans and really to be as close to them as possible because I think it is much more interesting going into the theater and seeing it live on stage instead of seeing it on television,” added Ten. “We love California. We are very happy to start our big tour there. It is a fun show; it is for the whole family and we are looking forward to it.”