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August Observed As Child Support Awareness Month
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The California Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) celebrates August as Child Support Awareness Month (CSAM).This year, DCSS reminds parents that their support can fundamentally shape their children’s future.

The first bike lesson or first pair of shoes can inspire a child to become a racing champion, the first set of building blocks can unlock a child’s passion to build communities. A parent’s help with their child’s first science fair project can produce the next great scientist. For 1.3 million children, many firsts were made possible because one or both parents chose to participate in California’s Child Support Program.

“Child support is more than just providing for the basic needs of our children,” said DCSS Director Alisha Griffin. “Each time a parent teaches them how to ride a bike, lets them be messy and creative, encourages their sports or takes time to play and help them with their homework, they’re helping the child discover a part of themselves.”

To access child support services, a parent may complete an application online or in the office of one of the 49 county and regional departments of child support services in California.

DCSS and the local child support offices help parents with: finding a parent, establishing the legal identity of a child’s father, reaching an agreement with the other parent on a dollar amount of support, establishing, modifying and enforcing a monetary and/or medical support court order.

If a parent has gotten behind in child support payments, DCSS can potentially modify or reduce the total amount owed through the Compromise of Arrears Program which has already helped thousands of parents get back on track.

California plays an important role in supporting the economic security, health and social well-being of children in the state. DCSS and local child support offices throughout California operate the second-largest child support program in the country based on total number of cases and the amount of total distributed collections.

California’s child support program collected and distributed $2.3 billion in child support for 1.3 billion children and families in federal fiscal year 2015, an increase of $31 million – or 1.4 percent over the previous year.

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