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Birthday Celebration For Crossroads Elementary
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This little lady engaged in a fun carnival game of knocking the cans over for a prize. VIRGINIA STILL/THE NEWS

The blustery wind on Friday did not seem to affect the attendance at the carnival held in celebration for Crossroads Elementary’s 10-year anniversary. With approximately 1,200 guests and a variety of games, activities, food vendors and emergency services on hand for demonstrations, the celebration was a success. The Crossroads PTA organized the event and a DJ kept the music playing while families meandered around the campus.

Students had the option to participate in face painting, a photo booth with props, a ping pong ball toss to win a goldfish, toss across bean bags, toilet paper throw, cake walk, trike races, and a tootsie pop tree, just to name a few. For those that needed a beverage, a tasty treat, or some nourishment there was a taco truck, a cotton candy booth, popcorn, Sipps beverages, Ritas, and Dales Kettlecorn on hand.

The Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department S.W.A.T. team, bomb squad, dive team along with EMTs, Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District had vehicles available for people to tour. Deputies also took time to show attendees how their robots work and allowed them to control the robots.

“This year the emergency vehicles were new so that was super fun for the students,” stated Principal Rebecca Harm. “They loved interacting with officers and looking inside vehicles, and working with the bomb squad robot.”

Funds raised will be used for the students at Crossroads Elementary.

Crossroads opened in 2007 which was cause 10 years later for the celebration which they observed as a birthday instead of an anniversary.

“My favorite part was seeing all the families enjoying themselves and the students having fun,” expressed Harm. “It’s all about community and celebrating together. The event was fabulous.”