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Books Come To Life On Mesa Verde Campus
“Thing 1” or First Grade teacher Ms. Eitelgeorge wore festive attire to read “The Cat In The Hat” to students recently at Mesa Verde Elementary. VIRGINIA STILL/THE NEWS
Students at Mesa Verde were treated to a story before their school day ended last Thursday. VIRGINIA STILL/THE NEWS
After story time at Mesa Verde students participated in a few questions regarding the story they were read with a little help from “Thing 2” in the audience. VIRGINIA STILL/THE NEWS

Mesa Verde Elementary took another opportunity to promote reading with a quick story time before a group of students ended their school day one day this past week. The weather was just right for a story outdoors on March 4. The students were joined by “Thing 1” and “Thing 2” on Thursday for a reading of “The Cat in the Hat” by Dr. Seuss.

“I really appreciate the time the teachers spent thinking of ways to celebrate reading with their students,” remarked Principal Kimberly Ott. “The students were happily engaged in all of the activities.”

First grade teacher Mrs. Julie Eitelgeorge went all out representing Thing One and bringing the story to life. Mrs. Ramirez sported her red Thing Two shirt as well with her first grade class that joined them for story time. Thing One and Thing Two were human-like twins from The Cat in the Hat book. The children’s book was written in 1957 and has seen success over the years.

“I think it went fairly well,” stated Eitelgeorge about the story time. “I hope it was entertaining and memorable for the students. We do a lot of reading, but the costume was special for Read Across Riverbank.”

Last week students participated in spirit week with a variety of dress days for Read Across Riverbank (RAR). The annual campaign is held in March to promote reading with the youth.

“This was something the teachers did to help make Read Across America a special event for their first grade students,” noted Ott. “They also decorated their shared hallway. The students were very excited about the art and items they created. I walk through the classrooms several times per week and students wanted to make sure I knew which socks were theirs.”

On Thursday students wore college, career, or the color red and from the sea of red at Mesa there were many students and staff that showed their spirit.

“Anything that gets kids excited about reading is important,” added Eitelgeorge. “This year, we especially wanted to do something fun for the students, and the timing worked out well with doing it at the end of the day. I dressed during recess and then did my drop-off line duty in costume as well.”

The students had their backpacks and were spaced out on the grass safely on campus as Eitelgeorge read them the story. They listened as she read to them as Thing One, with red and white striped socks holding a Cat in the Hat. After the story was read the students answered a few questions about the story.

“I think the students had fun with it,” said Eitelgeorge. “I hope so. I had told them we were having a special visitor, but I didn’t tell them the details. They were really surprised when I came out of the building and walked over to their line. Students love stories.”

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