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Bruin Boutique Seeks Donations
Riverbank High School senior Celina Ramirez, left, and senior class president Marissa Rosas were helping sort through the dresses recently at the Bruin Boutique on campus. VIRGINIA STILL/THE NEWS

Since the inception of the Bruin Boutique Club: bbc, English language arts teacher Rosalind Taulbee has received several donations including jeans, shirts, dresses, and shoes for Riverbank High School (RHS) students to shop from throughout the school year.

The club was created a few years ago by Taulbee due to a need during the cooler temperatures, as it became clear that some students did not have warm clothing. Prior to the club’s creation, staff at RHS would get an idea of what the students’ needs were and gather gently worn clothing to make available to the students. The club has moved into a different room than it originally started in at the high school due to the generosity of donors.

Currently the boutique is in need of some specific donations, especially for boys black pants in any size; however, larger sizes would be appreciated along with gently worn shoes. There is also a need for underwear in large and extra-large, which usually is an item that gets taken quickly.

“On a regular basis, I receive anonymous donations from the community and make them available in the boutique where students are able to access them and take what they need,” stated Taulbee. “Sometimes, we hear of a student who has literally nothing except the clothes being worn.”

Colder weather is right around the corner so the boutique would like to ask the community for gently worn warm clothing including jackets and coats.

“Another problem is students without jackets who are cold during the winter,” added Taulbee. “The campus monitor, Judy Ensley, is instrumental in helping these students by taking the student out to the boutique or by selecting clothes the students might feel comfortable wearing.”

For more information or to make a donation to the Bruin Boutique Club, contact Taulbee at the school, (209) 869-1891.