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Camera Project Update Provided To Council
Riv cameras
As the information indicates, this is an overview from a camera positioned at Highway 108 and Oakdale Road in Riverbank.

The City of Riverbank approved a pilot citywide camera project in March and they contracted a technology and video surveillance company called QPCS out Ceres to complete the job. At a recent City Council meeting, representatives from QPCS gave the council and the public an update on the progress that has been made.

“We have been moving forward with a pretty robust security camera project license plate reader project in Riverbank,” City Manager Sean Scully stated. “The practicality of installing these devices has been a little bit of an odyssey but we have powered through it and now have the system up and running. It is already proving to be useful.”

The company has been installing cameras and license plate readers at specific locations throughout the city, areas that were suggested by officials with the Riverbank Police Services.

The cameras are so advanced that if deputies are looking for a white Ford F150 they can search through the data and sort through every white, Ford, F150 that has been in the area.

QPCS staff explained that everything is pretty much up and running and reporting live. They also added that the cameras can detect vehicles with the artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities to be able to find specific vehicle types, brands, and color.

Scully also mentioned that they are looking at partnering with the air resources board and monitoring the air quality as well.

There are cameras on several roads in Riverbank including those installed at Patterson and Oakdale roads, Claus and Patterson roads, and Oakdale and Claribel roads. QPCS representatives also presented an overview for the week of how many license plates were read at different locations that are monitored and a total of plates read in their video analytics that include car and people counting.

In another six months QPCS will give another update at a city council meeting.