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Cardozo Reopening Officially Delayed

Members of the Riverbank Unified School District Board of Trustees passed a resolution on Nov. 3 to open school for sixth grade students at Cardozo Middle School and also for Adelante High School. But right now, that won’t be happening.

“Unfortunately despite our planning, we are unable to open school for these students at this time,” stated RUSD Superintendent Christine Facella. “We have learned that the Stanislaus County has been moved from the red tier to the purple tier due to the number of active COVID-19 cases. Our intention will be to open school for these two groups of students as soon as it is feasible. The county would need to move back in the red tier and remain there for fourteen days in order for that to happen.”

However, it was learned after the district decided to delay opening that Stanislaus County was granted the opportunity to stay in the ‘red’ tier for now; as the county appeals the reclassification into the more restrictive ‘purple’ tier. Whether the county goes back to purple or continues in the red will be announced on Tuesday, Nov. 17, said county officials.

The board also passed a resolution regarding grading during the pandemic that will support students who staff know are already struggling with distance learning. This coupled with social and emotional issues are taking a toll on students and their ability to complete work. Additionally, the District recognizes that many of the high school students are not only doing their own school work but also caring for and assisting their younger siblings with their school work.

Facella noted that the Board of Trustees is in favor of any additional support that can be provided to assist students and families during this time.