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Cell Tower Installed At City Sports Complex
Members of a contracting crew ride the bucket lift to the top of a brand new cell tower being installed on the east side of the soccer field at the Riverbank Sports Complex on Morrill Road. The tower, recently installed by Verizon Wireless, is designed to increase cellular phone service on the west side of Riverbank. Ric McGinnis/The News

Construction crews recently erected a 103-foot tall cell tower at the Riverbank Sports Complex on the western edge of Riverbank.

Once the structure was up, other technicians worked to pull cables underground from a newly constructed substation and up through the tower to the nine elements atop the tower. A flashing red clearance light will top off the project.

In addition to installing the cell tower, the company has agreed to move the field light fixture to the two mounting brackets visible lower on the new tower and remove the old light pole, making the installation a little more aesthetically pleasing.

There was no word on when the new installation might go on line.