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Christmas Spirit Shines At California Avenue
Cal Ave1
The fourth graders at California Avenue Elementary had a high energy ending of their performance at the Winter program on Thursday, Dec. 11. VIRGINIA STILL/The News

Spreading the Christmas spirit, California Avenue Elementary School hosted a Winter Program for staff, students and families on Thursday, Dec. 11 in the morning. The guests were treated to a few musical performances from first, second, third and fourth grade classes as well as both the Transitional Kindergarten (TK) classes and kindergartners.

Charlyn Piper and Maria Payvar’s TK class sang ‘Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer.’ The kindergarten classes of Erin Perry, Rebecca Camarena, and Robin Torres entertained the crowd with their rendition of ‘Up on the Roof Top.’ They also read a Santa poem.

Torres organized the assembly and had the younger students begin the program.

Singing ‘I ain’t getting nuthin’ for Christmas,’ was the first grade class of Brenda Insurriaga and Angie Alaniz.

‘Jingle bell rock’ was the upbeat jingle that the second grade classes of Deanna Powell and Luanne Melden and Bridget Price put together.

The second performance had upper elementary students and staff like Ellie Oliveira accompanying her third grade class singing, the teacher on her guitar, while Crystal Blythe’s third grade class had some fancy glasses and a few props for their presentation of ‘Frosty the Snowman’ which was led by a student that had a partial snowman costume.

The winter show wrapped with a fourth grader from Richard Beatty’s class that played a tree as his other classmates were ‘Rocking around the Christmas tree.’

“Robin (Torres) did a wonderful job with this program,” said Principal Kathy Briggs. “I think our students TK to fourth grade did a fantastic job singing.”

During the month of December, California Avenue Elementary has Cali the Elf on the Shelf visiting classrooms. Each day he is visiting another classroom and causing a mess. One day he was found in a fifth grade classroom taking a bath in a dish of marshmallows. He continues to visit various classrooms until Dec. 19. The Elf will be leaving California Avenue on Dec. 19 and will head back to the North Pole.