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City Council Updated On Crossroads West
Riv City Council

During the Riverbank City Council meeting on Feb. 27, City Contract Planner John B. Anderson presented an update on the Crossroads West Project regarding elements of the specific plan, draft of the environmental impact report (EIR), and the next steps of the process.

The project has been in process for over five years and will have a Land Use Mix of single family residential, medium density residential, high density residential, open space for parks, and mixed use development including commercial.

The orientation of uses of the development will be agriculture, urban, multi-family residential, single family residential, and commercial.

There will be design guidelines for Crossroads West and a number of architectural themes presented and not with only one style, officials said.

“Whenever you build a project this size, 390 acres, you need to be concerned about how infrastructure will be funded and financed and how ultimately each property owner will have their obligation in share in these facilities,” stated Anderson. “It is definitely a work in progress, we are about 90 percent finished with it and we are hopeful we will have some kind of a joint city council/planning commission workshop on the plan itself either in March or the first part of April.”

The draft of the Specific Plan is not available to the public at this time.

There was a map shown of the land use and how it is projected to be completed with parks that would be an expansion of the regional sports complex north of Morrill Road, single family residential and mixed use that would be primarily commercial that Anderson explained would mirror the current Crossroads Shopping Center.

Anderson discussed water, sewer and storm drain details as well.

The next steps will be the release of the Administration draft EIR, then the release of the draft EIR to the public, and then the finalized Specific plan within the next 30 days. There will also be a public workshop for the planning commission and the city council to go over the details of the project. The final EIR will then be published that will include comments that were received on the draft and the responses to those comments.

“I am glad we are at this point,” said Riverbank Mayor Richard O’Brien.

“It was exciting to see all the things come together,” added Councilmember Leanne Jones Cruz.