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City Seeks Grant Funding For Managing Storm Water
Riv City Council

At a recent Riverbank City Council meeting, the council members approved a request to make a grant application to manage some of its storm water runoff.

At the foot of Seventh Street, at Riverside Drive on the north edge of town, a storm drain discharges down the hillside and into the Stanislaus River. The resulting erosion has endangered the surface of the pavement at the curve, with stopgap measures slowing down the degradation, but not preventing it.

At a budge workshop in May the council was informed of the timing of the potential solution, but also that the repair could have a damaging effect on the city’s General Fund Reserves. And at the Sept. 22 financial forecast, the project was identified as an expense in the 2018 city budget, about 250,000 dollars’ worth.

A consultant was engaged to help draft a grant proposal and to submit the application.

If successful, the project, when funded, will include a storm water filter to remove debris and pollutants from the water flow. The design incorporates the use of native plants and the placement of native rock to protect the slope. The process uses natural materials to replicate water discharge as a natural waterfall to help restore the native habitat, according to a city report.

The plans have already been completed and there are no matching funds required, so the only financial impact to the city would be staff time to complete administrative paper work and manage the grant, bid documentation and construction inspections.