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City Staff Members Enjoy Holiday Competition
Ugly sweater
Showing their Christmas spirit last week in what some may call ugly sweaters were staff members from multiple departments of the City of Riverbank. Winners were chosen in two categories; homemade and store bought sweater varieties. Photo Contributed

It seems like no Christmas holiday celebration is complete now without an ‘Ugly Sweater’ contest or just simply a day to wear the sometimes gaudy winter sweaters and sweatshirts to work.

This past week, Riverbank city employees joined the crowd, as they also participated in an Ugly Sweater Contest at Riverbank City Hall. The participants competed for the Ugly (third place), Uglier (second place), and Ugliest (first place) sweater titles. Winners received a bottle of sparkling cider and a ribbon along with bragging rights.

Making the top three in the homemade sweater category were Al Zamora in third place, Donna Kenney coming in second place, and Kerrie Webb taking the win for first place with the Ugliest Homemade Sweater. For the store bought sweater category Luanne Bain scored third place, Kathleen Cleek got second place, and David McDaniel captured the win, receiving first place and the ugliest sweater title. The Christmas season brings hope, joy, and laughter as well as some creativity, as displayed by the Riverbank city staffers taking part in the fun contest.