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Color Runners Endure Windy Saturday Start
Riverbank Planning Commissioner Ed Tabacco, left, and City Councilman Cal Campbell, right, were among volunteers helping spread the color in Saturdays Got Color? Run in Jacob Myers Park. The volunteers needed to mind their position on the trail, with serious winds cutting through the park that day. Ric McGinnis/The News

It was a colorful beginning of a special day in Jacob Myers Park this past Saturday.

The city’s second annual ‘Got Color?’ Run in loop area at the western end of the facility involved runners and walkers participating for the fun of it. As they passed groups of volunteers stationed around the path, they were bombarded with different colored powders, corn starch mixed with food coloring. Participants were issued white T-shirts prior to the race in order to catch the colorful mixture and emerge from the run covered in the colors of the rainbow.

The run/walk finally got started at 8:40 a.m., with the food/vendor/demonstration booths for the River Fest that followed the fun run officially opening at 9 a.m. in the main part of the park. A major consideration, to both volunteers and runners at the Got Color? event, was the strength and direction of the wind blowing across the park that morning. Those throwing color needed to observe the wind, else they came away as colorful as the runners/walkers.