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Council Candidates Tackle Questions
Cindy Fosi

Riverbank residents will select a new City Council member during the Nov. 8 election, with a post in District 2 up for election on the panel. Only those residents within that district will cast ballots for that race, which features Cindy Fosi and Anthony McKinney as the candidates. The News recently posed the same questions to each candidate, with the questions and their answers following.



Q: What qualifies you to serve on the City Council?

A: When the City requested volunteers for the Budget Committee in 2010, I volunteered and have every year but 2014. In 2011, I was the Chair for the Committee. Through the Budget Committee, I have become familiar with the City’s budget and have had an opportunity to make positive recommendations.

My full time job is as an Administrative Analyst for the City of Modesto, Wastewater and Storm Drain Divisions. In my position, I work with 14 budgets, personnel and projects. I am familiar with the requirements for grants and government regulations which I feel will help me to be a great Council member. I also worked for the County of Santa Clara for three years as a Project Control Specialist, managing contracts for the County for Building Operations.

While my daughter attended Crossroads Elementary School from 2009 - 2015, I was very involved in the PTA and was on the board for five years as Treasurer and Secretary Treasurer.

My daughter and I have called Riverbank our home since 2008. With the experience I have and my love for Riverbank, I look forward to helping the City move forward and prosper.


What do you think the three most important concerns facing Riverbank are?

Revitalization of downtown to bring in new businesses and more people. When I first moved to Riverbank, there were festivals, parades and the Farmers Market downtown. Those have diminished as well as some of the businesses. I would like to work on bringing those back.

Bring full time, permanent positions through new businesses at the Industrial/Business Park (old ammunition plant). We have a great business park for new or existing businesses. I hope to be able to bring in new businesses so we have those full time positions for our citizens and opportunities for their and the businesses growth.

Increase safety for our citizens by adding to our sheriff and fire departments. We all know that we have some issues here with theft, vandalism and burglaries. We need more sheriffs patrolling our streets and another fire station to serve our area. I hope to be able to work with the state and federal governments to get funding to add these services.


What areas of Riverbank do you think present an opportunity for redevelopment and revitalization?

Most definitely downtown and the Industrial/Business Park. The addition of new businesses will bring full time jobs and people spending money into the community.


Why should District 2 in Riverbank vote for you?

As a parent of a middle schooler, I want to have my child experience the best of Riverbank. That means bringing back the festivals, the parades and the Farmers Market to downtown. I want her to be safe on her way to school or a friend’s home. I want Riverbank to be a place everyone is proud to call home. I want to work with the Chamber of Commerce and other organizations, as well as local, state and federal government agencies to make that happen.




Q: What qualifies you to serve on the City Council?

A: My qualifications are highlighted by my involvement on various City of Riverbank committees that include:

Planning Commission-working with the City Planner and various entities that were key in developing housing and business enterprises. Graduate of the League of Cities, which educated me to broader issues of City government; Budget oversight-Gained insight into the details of City finance – the process of developing and overseeing City budgets and those projects that arise during a fiscal year and how they are funded; Water Appeals Board-acted as a liaison between the residents and the City in settling disputes concerning residential use of water during the drought.

President of the Riverbank Chamber of Commerce—we provide experience in business development in the city along with sponsoring events to promote business and education concerning business needs in the City of Riverbank.

I also gained experience as a Veteran of the United States Navy in planning and application.

I have lived in Riverbank for 26 years and have been involved with the City during those many years.


What do you think the three most important concerns facing Riverbank are?

There are both short term and long term issues that are very important.

Short Term: Water Issue - for three past billing cycles, the water bills sent to residents have not been correct. One was gross overbilling, the second, delinquency dates that were noted before the date the bills were sent, and the third was gallons of usage that appeared to be excessive. While City employees were very responsive and courteous in resolving the issues, we need to assure that this problem will not re-occur.

Longer Term: Homelessness - chasing the homeless out of the enclaves along the river is not a long term solution and causes as many problems as it is trying to solve. The homeless merely take residence in dumpsters, alleys, and in people’s yards. There are no sanitary facilities other than resident’s flower beds. A better solution needs to be found.

Downtown Revitalization - there are too many vacant store fronts and too little reason to shop downtown. Those who have business downtown would also benefit from increased foot traffic. Linking the downtown to commerce that could be developed at the Cannery site could be the key to a revitalized and quaint downtown.


What areas of Riverbank do you think present an opportunity for redevelopment and revitalization?

Areas for development and revitalization would include the Army Ammunition Plant and as mentioned before the Cannery/downtown complex.

The “Riverbank Industrial Complex” also known as the Army site has been progressing steadily under Debbie’s oversight. It has been a complicated development, but has been steered through the bureaucracy problems and proven to be successful. It is located in a good position and the City Council has worked on ensuring that the new transportation corridor will work in its favor. It needs to be kept on the front burner to assure its success as a major factor in our economy.

As mentioned before, the Cannery site is a prime location for not only creating jobs, high intensity housing, and a draw for downtown businesses. A more proactive relationship between the City and the Cannery property owners could facilitate the project.


Why should District 2 in Riverbank vote for you?

With the various committees and the Chamber of Commerce experience, I have met people from all walks of life and key people within the City Administration. This will give me a fast start in representing District 2 on the City Council and to get things moving to benefit not only my district but the city as a whole.

I am a proactive type person who likes to get things done and keep moving forward. If things need fixing, rather than sit back and wait for others to act, I will jump in and try to be part of the solution to the problem.

I’m willing to provide leadership required to assist with the needs of the working people of Riverbank, especially in facilitating the educational desires of those who need training to find jobs or advance in the jobs they currently have. I have an interest in forming a coalition of the City, residents, and business owners to explore the options to keeping and acquiring jobs right here in Riverbank. I am endorsed by Labor Councils in the area which is an asset for my work in the area of labor and job creation.

I have the time to meet with residents and hear about their problems and ideas, in addition to addressing those needs at regular Council Meetings.