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Crossroads West Site Sees Construction Start
Where farm houses and a dairy facility once stood, only piles of rubble remain where subdivisions of homes will be built in the Crossroads West project. Located on Crawford Road, between Oakdale and Coffee roads, work to clear the area continues this week. Across the street, on the west corner of Oakdale and Crawford, land has already been graded, leveled and surveyed for a series of homes that will be part of the project. Ric McGinnis/The News

Drivers along Oakdale Road in Riverbank are noticing the beginning of construction work on what will become Crossroads West.

By Monday of this week, three obvious projects were showing progress. Those were demolition in two areas south of Crawford Road, and grading and survey work at the northwest corner of Crawford and Oakdale roads.

A home, formerly located on the west side of Oakdale between Crawford and Claribel, was reduced to a pile of rubble by Monday afternoon. There were similar results at a dairy site, on Crawford between Oakdale and Coffee roads.

And grading, leveling and survey work is underway at what used to be a corn field, by the stoplight on the north corner of Crawford and Oakdale roads.

It’s all part of the project that could increase Riverbank’s population by as much as 20 to 30 percent. It extends from Oakdale to the MID canal to the west, and from Morrill to Claribel roads. The southern corner, at Oakdale and Claribel, will include more shopping center storefronts, with the rest including housing, park facilities, school and fire station sites, as well.

Originally expected to begin construction of the shopping center last summer, where Dutch Hollow Farms was once located, the COVID pandemic has definitely had an impact, causing alterations to the schedule.