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Disruption Caused By Drunk Driver.

Mark Oliver and his roommate Cari Cooper were startled by a Ford F150 crashing into their vehicle and residence on First Street on Monday, March 23.

Authorities investigating the crash reported that Riverbank resident Luis Calderon, 27, drove off the roadway and hit the parked car that was in the driveway, damaged the corner of the house and the front yard. According to Riverbank Police Services, Calderon showed objective signs of alcohol impairment. After field sobriety tests and a breathalyzer test they found him to be over three times the legal limit.

Oliver was at home when this occurred and it was his vehicle that was hit in the driveway. Although no one was injured the incident was extremely disturbing for Oliver and Cooper. They have lived at the residence for the past four years and said although people drive at high speeds on a regular basis this is the first time a driver left caused damage. The incident left Oliver’s vehicle totaled.

At the time of the crash, Oliver was in the kitchen, Cooper and her grandson were in the living room.

“It sounded like something blew up,” Oliver explained. “People need to slow down and stop drinking and driving.”

This was not Cooper’s first experience with a drunk driver as her daughter was hit crossing the street in a prior incident. So in a desperate social media post to remind people to not drink and drive she stated the following: “You affected my family last night. My grandson was terrified, we nearly had heart attacks. You affected the fire department, the officers, and the tow truck driver that had to respond. You will affect the people that have to clean up the mess you left. The people that have to check the house for safety issues. The insurance people that will have to file claims for the damage you did. The repair people who will have to fix the damage. The gardener who will re-landscape the yard. It’s such a selfish and irresponsible act that can cost lives.”

When Oliver went outside he told Calderon to stay in the vehicle until deputies arrived. Deputies arrived a few minutes later and conducted an inventory of Calderon’s vehicle where “metal knuckles” were found. He was determined to be on probation and was driving on a suspended license. Calderon was arrested for DUI and felony weapons possession.