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District Wide Activities
Mesa Verde Elementary students along with several other students from other schools in the Riverbank district were awarded a medal and certificate for their accomplishment of becoming English Language proficient at a Reclassification Celebration held at Riverbank High School. Photo Contributed


Throughout the month of March Riverbank Unified School District students participates in Read Across Riverbank indulging in activities that promote reading. From weekly giveaways, door decorating contests, to a “books in a jar” challenge and guest readers each school encourages all students to read.

Last week schools hosted a guest reader to read to a class. Volunteer guest readers signed up to read to classes at different school sites.

Riverbank City councilmember Darlene Barber Martinez read to the kindergarten class at California Avenue on Friday, March 18. She read one book and then reviewed it with the students.

Martinez has participated as a guest reader since 2006 during Read Across Riverbank to promote reading.

“The children were excited to have a visitor and responded very well,” stated Martinez. “I asked questions at the end to check for understanding. 

“They listened very well and knew the right answers.”

Tomorrow, Thursday March 24 the After School Program will host a reader’s theater show at California Avenue from 2:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

“I will continue to read,” expressed Martinez.  “Learning to read is a life long journey. 

“A few of the benefits from reading are knowledge, mental stimulation, vocabulary expansion, memory improvement, stronger analytical skills, improved focus and concentration, and better writing skills. 

“Even though this was the kindergarten class, they were so excited to hear the story of the Bunny Rabbit Adventure.” 

On Tuesday, March 15 Riverbank High School hosted several schools in the district including California Avenue Elementary, Mesa Verde Elementary, Cardozo Middle School, Riverbank Language Academy, and Adelante Continuation High School, and Riverbank High School to the Reclassification Celebration for English Language Learners in the Fauria Gym.

Christine Facella Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services Riverbank Unified School District developed the event last year to recognize students that passed the requirements for reclassification of being fully English proficient.

“As they learn English they are monitored,” explained Facella.  “When they pass the California English Language Development Test and are working on grade level successfully students are eligible to be reclassified as fully English proficient.”

Students that speak any other language than English as their primary language are classified English Language Learners.

“We celebrate the accomplishment because it is not easy and we recognize how great it is for students to be bilingual,” added Facella. “They received a certificate and medal in recognition of the achievement.

“Students were presented by their school principal and congratulated by Dr. Camp and myself.”